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We implement our eclectic global strategy to value investing through the construction of an actively managed, concentrated value portfolio—in both quantitative and qualitative terms—usually of larger capitalizations, using GARP (growth at a reasonable price) and focusing on favorable industries. Discounted non-tangibles, future excess cash flow expectations and the allocation of actual rising interest from the company’s investment participants may be considered secondary tactics, without overall market timing efforts. In other words, we target both EPS growth and P/E expansion to achieve faster overall appreciation. Using technical and alternative data, we allocate to positive trends and employ a combined value/growth side-by-side equity investment style to reach new highs.

To identify high-quality companies, our investment selection process must itself be of the highest quality. We emphasize a thorough elimination process to ensure that we only acquire the most promising investments.

At the core of our Qualitative Assessment is Fisher's Scuttlebutt method. Our objective is to pinpoint the most competitive companies that are undervalued and have high growth potential.

Our research zeroes in on quality companies with proven and successful business models that are poised to generate sustainable long-term free cash flow, sales, and EPS growth, provided they meet our quantitative benchmarks.

We employ screening metrics designed to detect pivotal changes in a company’s growth trajectory. Concurrently, our qualitative assessment, augmented by expert networking, aims to uncover growth opportunities that are expected to be enduring.

Upon evaluating potential investments, we conduct a comparative analysis to formulate a condensed list of new prospects.

A new investment is incorporated into the portfolio if it demonstrates a more favorable outlook compared to our existing holdings.

Our portfolio rebalancing is executed quantitatively if the company's fundamentals remain sound, albeit at a level that falls short of our initial assessment criteria.

We initiate an exit strategy when there is a decline in the company's quality, growth prospects, or value parameters.

Selection Process

Our investment is based on consistent fundamental company analysis, which involves a systematic and disciplined stock screening strategy. The method integrates bottom-up and top-down approaches. We do not emphasize measuring the systematic risk at the portfolio level. Instead, we rely on a careful review of risks at the holdings level empowered by our qualitative assessment in the investment selection process. The fund will minimally diversify globally into different countries and sectors given the prevailing market conditions. Our investment mandate limitations include derivatives, FX speculation. We may use leverage up to a predefined limit. The Investment Advisor does not invest in initial public offerings.

Investment Policy

Our primary investment objective is to secure a consistent and sustainable increase in capital, denominated in euros, over the long term. We hold a firm belief that a strategic approach focused on measured growth is essential for the preservation of capital. To achieve this, our fund places its investments predominantly in top-tier, well-managed companies with a track record of stability and performance, and whose shares exhibit high liquidity. We are committed to pursuing an investment strategy that aims to deliver an annualized return that surpasses the fund's annualized volatility, with a minimum investment of no less than 15% in a diverse equity universe.

Investment Objective

Focus on Exacta Focused

MR Capital has one public fund, Exacta Focused ETI. When the focus breaks down into multiple funds or strategies, none of them get full attention. We have focused our entire operation around this single fund. We want to make it the best fund for our partner investors.


Exacta Focused was established in 2023 , when Mohannad ALRashoudi’s closest circle of friends expressed a need for a public investment vehicle, he decided to open a fund that they could all invest in. Our own money is invested in Exacta Focused ETI.

High Water-Mark

No Annual Reset

Cumulative Hurdle

To Buy and Sell


Entry Hurdles


Counterparty Risk


Listed With Daily Liquidity

Impact Investing

​Beyond traditional ESG, we at Exacta proactively assess the Net Impact Score of our investments, targeting they yield at least a neutral effect on society and the environment in the long term. Investing in an ESG-themed fund does not guarantee a more positive net impact compared to an ordinary fund. Impact investing is the most rigorous investment approach in the responsible investing matrix and has the greatest potential for positive change.

You want to own high-quality businesses in the long run.

You don’t have time to search, analyze, and monitor companies globally.

You don’t aim for quick wins, you believe in stable money making and compounding.

To whom Exacta Focused ETI is suitable for?

Exacta Focused ETI Main Service Providers

  • ETI Sponsor: MR Capital Advisors Inc

  • Administrator: iMaps Capital Market

  • Prime Broker: Interactive Brokers

  • Auditor: BDO (Liechtenstein) AG

  • Legal Firms (onshore): Simmons & Simmons / Matheson

  • Legal Firms (offshore): Conyers Dill & Pearman

  • Insurer: Intertrust Group

  • Issuing Agent: Baader Bank (Germany ) AG

  • Exchange: EUWAX - Stuttgart Stock Exchange

  • Clearing System: Clearstream (and available for settlement in Euroclear and SIX)

Exacta Focused ETI

Exacta Focused ETI seeks to generate above-market returns by mainly investing in a small number of reasonably priced high-quality companies with double-digit growth potential.
We are a long-term owner of a small number of very high-quality companies worldwide. We do not believe quantity replaces quality. Quality is the quality of the company’s business model,  its competitive advantages, and its cash-generating capability.

Global Concentrated Value


Interactive Brokers

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The fund is suitable for long-term investments. This fund may not be suitable for investors who intend to sell their units in 3–5 years.

Exacta Focused ETI Final Terms

Exacta Focused ETI Constituting Instrument

Exacta Focused ETI KID - English

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