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Our History

MR Capital was first established in 2011 and launched its first fund, Global Consumer Loyalty Fund. The success of its equity investment was followed by successes in real estate (200+ Tenants) and private equity closed-end Funds for the prior 12+ years.


Our investments span 11 primary market sectors across 6 continents. Each selection must pass an exhaustive qualitative and quantitative screening at the security level and accommodate our global macro tactical review.


We pride ourselves on earning and keeping our investors’ trust by delivering on our promises.

Our Philosophy

In our equity investments, we construct portfolios by evaluating  and acquiring shares in businesses in a business-like approach. We evaluate and acquire shares in growth-oriented yet profitable companies where management and shareholders are aligned. Rather than anticipating successful initiatives, we ensure they are already tested and implemented before investing. We target focused companies with quality, profitable models in favorable economies.
We seek an adequate margin of safety and high returns when investing in profitable, cash-generating, sustainable companies with growth potential, where both current valuation and future discounting are considered. Our assessments are derived from analyzing financial performance and saturation points.
We aim to invest when positive company-specific reappraisals emerge, adopting a last minute contrarian approach, to directly achieve an upside surprise.

MR Capital

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