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Our History

MR Capital was first established in 2011 and launched its first fund, Global Consumer Loyalty Fund. The success of its equity investment was followed by successes in real estate (200+ Tenants) and private equity closed-end Funds for the prior 12+ years.


Our investments span 11 primary market sectors across 6 continents. Each selection must pass an exhaustive qualitative and quantitative screening at the security level and accommodate our global macro tactical review.


We pride ourselves on earning and keeping our investors’ trust by delivering on our promises.

Firm Overview

MR Capital is an investment manager capable of generating superior returns by investing in a small number of highly attractive equity opportunities during periods when markets are in risk-on mode and preserving capital during periods when markets decline by continuously employing other asymmetric non-correlated strategies.

Our overall strategy is designed to provide a unique hedge to only the undesirable beta exposure while creating a distinctive ability to reinvest directionally for the upcoming cycle. Where appropriate, we engage with other investment managers with significant experience deploying specific strategies.

MR Capital

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