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​Wealth Creation Through Intelligent Concentration 

Firm Overview

MR Capital is an investment manager that aims to generate superior returns by strategically investing in a concentrated portfolio of attractive equities.
Where appropriate, we engage with other investment managers with significant experience deploying specific strategies.


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We tactically allocate capital in light of changing global macroeconomic conditions and trends:

  • The more attractive opportunities are available, the more we concentrate in stocks with the highest potential for superior returns

  • In environments with fewer attractive opportunities, we invest in a more diversified group of reasonably priced good investments

Then, we hold patiently until the stock reaches its potential or compares less favorably to available opportunities.

Concentration in a small number of highly attractive opportunities

We hedge to minimize volatility and create a distinctive ability to reinvest directionally for upcoming cycles:

  •  By using ETFs to change or gain specific beta and macro exposures

  •  Relative value and pairs trading

  •  Where appropriate, we engage with other investment managers with significant experience deploying specific strategies*

* Other managers may charge fees that we do not share with them..

Preserving capital by employing other asymmetric non-correlated strategies

Our Approach

Emphasis on building trust

We pride ourselves on earning and keeping our investors’ trust by delivering on our promises.

Deep research augments operational experience

The investment team leverages deep insight into companies across industries

Unique fee structure favors investors

We believe fees are earned through performance, not management

Proven track record of superior performance

The portfolio manager has a 20-year history of delivering outstanding risk-adjusted returns

Our Differentiators

Why Exacta?

Investment Solutions

Exacta Focused ETI

Exacta Focused ETI seek to generate above-market returns by mainly investing in a small number of reasonably priced high-quality companies with double-digit growth potential.

"All good investing is value investing."

Charlie Munger

Our Partners

Global Powerhouse Counterparties

Our History

MR Capital was first established in 2011 and launched its first fund, Global Consumer Loyalty Fund. The success of this equity investment was followed by successes in discretionary and managed portfolios over the past 13+ years.

Primary Markets






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